Open Positions

Title:   Research Associate II/III Molecular & Cellular Biology

Reports to:   Chief Scientific Officer

Education:   B.S./M.S. in Immunology, Molecular and Cellular Biology or related discipline or equivalent 

Experience:  Minimum of 5 years of laboratory experience in a relevant scientific discipline, preferably in a pharmaceutical environment.  Expertise in immune system cell biology is essential.  The successful candidate must have exceptional scientific, verbal and written communication skills in English, and be able to function optimally in a team-based/collaborative environment.  Additional requirements include the ability to critically evaluate data, and a thorough knowledge and understanding of the drug discovery process.

Job Description

As a Research Associate II/III, you will be responsible for optimizing and conducting biochemical and cellular assays focused on the characterization of novel targets and therapeutic recombinant protein molecules related to regulation of innate immune system function.   You will support the daily activities of drug discovery and development groups, and provide technical assistance to its scientists in the conduct and development of novel assays and screening platforms to support compound and target mechanism analysis, biomarker discovery/development, and analytical development for protein production.  You will routinely use and maintain technical expertise in the following areas: 1) cell-based assay development and 2) platforms for protein assays (ELISA, Luminex, western blotting, etc…).  Additional expertise in flow cytometry and gene expression (mRNA analysis) is preferred.

This individual will be expected to interact seamlessly and collaboratively with other scientists within Research and Development as they support efforts to discover novel therapeutics to treat fibrotic complications of disease.  The individual will have demonstrated expertise in applying techniques of molecular and cellular biology to characterize the function of proteins and will participate in projects focused on characterizing the in vitro and ex vivo activity of novel drug candidates in cell based and biochemical systems.  

Essential Skills

  • A broad knowledge of molecular and cellular biology techniques  
  • Strong communication skills, in English, to be an effective team member interfacing with internal research groups, as well as collaboration partners   
  • A technical understanding of Immunology and the function of the innate immune system, including assays used to measure monocyte function
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills


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